Computers in London specialises in the implementation

and maintenance of computer systems for business arenas


Who are Computers in London

Computers in London has unbeatable experience in supporting customers who demand the best for their business. Many of our clients rely on us to support mission critical systems.

Computers in London provides:

    • a complete service for business customers.
    • a fast and efficient service
    • a wide range of quality products
    • a complete range of systems
    • software
    • networking
    • support
    • maintenance

In order to adapt to changing circumstances we have concentrated on keeping up with the latest developments in the industry. We have a young and enthusiastic workforce who are trained in the latest technologies and committed to meeting the customer's needs. The result is a professional team providing the expertise that is needed today.

Computers in London have established links with a number of software houses and computer companies to provide specially optimised equipment to meet specific requirements and are always looking to improve the product range offered and to build new links.

Computers in London have built up a team of specialist consultants able to deliver a wide range of advice and support on IT solutions needed in today's business environment.

TEL 020 8567 4333 

Computer networking, computer maintenance, computer support & computer software sales throughout London.

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